Create Killer Video Content

Did you know that YouTube has over one billion users? That’s almost a third of everyone on the internet. Hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. That is insane!

That number is growing all the time, and the opportunity to engage with your audience is huge. It’s the most personal form of content marketing available to us right now, and that personal connection is what makes it the #1 way to build trust with your audience online.

One of the biggest hurdles to producing video content is the technical stuff; purchasing equipment, getting the lighting and sound right, framing your picture, and then once you’re done filming there’s the editing and design process.

  • Struggling with the fear of getting in front of a camera?
  • Not sure where to start with setting up your equipment?
  • No idea what to say once the camera’s turned on?

I can help you overcome these hurdles, and get you on your way to producing some rad video content!

Video Coaching Programme

1. Introductory Call (30 mins)

We’ll start by getting to know one another first. On the call we’ll talk through your video plans and work out some initial steps around how best we can serve your audience.

2. Live Coaching Workshop (3 hours)

In this in-person session, we’ll discuss your video strategy in more depth, addressing your audience’s needs and the types of content you could produce for them. This will give you a solid foundation to work from with your video content.

I’ll show you how to set up your recording session, with advice on setting up your recording kit, achieving the best lighting and sound, and we’ll finish off by running you through your very own vlog recording!

Getting in front of a video camera can be a scary proposition for a lot of people, but I’ll help you overcome your fear of video and give you some practical advice that you can use time and time again.

3. Post Production Video Editing & Catch Up Call

Your raw footage will be taken from our recording session and I will edit it to perfection, ready to be published. When this is ready, typically within 3 to 5 days of filming, we’ll have a catch up call to discuss the next steps in your video marketing strategy.

One-off cost:

£497 +VAT

To discuss booking your video coaching programme, email me for more info. I look forward to helping you start your vlogging journey!

I have video editing packages to suit a range of options too – if you’re looking to take the technical heavy lifting out of your video production, I can help.