Ebook Design

If you’re in the content marketing game, you’ll understand that providing value up front to your audience (and potential customers) is really important.

Sure, your business has some amazing products or services that have a ton of value, but how are you communicating this with people who have never heard of you?

Do they trust you enough to get in touch?

Would you rather have customers who know everything they need to know before buying from you, or ones who need everything explained to them before they can make a decision?

Packaging up your expertise in an easy-to-digest, beautifully designed downloadable ebook can do a lot of the early-stage selling work for you. With this information, your customers and clients can figure out for themselves whether you’re a good fit for what they need, without having to contact you beforehand.

What’s involved?

The Content

Before we get into the design side of things, we first of all need the content.

If you have this already then we’re good to go on the design. Otherwise, this needs to be in at least a first draft stage before the book is designed.

Whatever stage you are at with your content, I can help you through to the end of the project – I work with trusted copywriters, editors and proofreaders who can help you realise your ideas without having to write everything yourself – just get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

If your book needs an editor to go over the content, this happens before the book is designed too. In my experience it’s always better to work with clean copy first, as too many things can change between the original draft and the finished product.

Setting up the Book Style

To begin with, up to 5 page templates would be designed with custom layouts. This would establish your colour palette, fonts, title styles, body style, running heads etc. and would essentially be the backbone of the whole document.

A number of sample pages, depending on the project, would be provided early on with placeholder text for you to sign off and make any major adjustments to before the typesetting stage.

Designing the Front Cover

An eye-catching front cover design is also included in this setup cost. This will be the main promotional artwork used to sell your ebook. You would also receive high-res cover images to use for promotion on social media, your website, or whatever purpose you like.


Following the framework created with the book style, the typesetting stage involves taking your finished copy and bringing it into your custom design, formatting accordingly and making minor adjustments so every page is laid out perfectly.

It’s only natural that the more pages the book has, the higher the final cost will be as every page is typeset individually. However, this cost is kept as low as possible so you’re budget shouldn’t restrict the final page count.

Book Design Prices

Layouts & Cover Design


  • Up to 5 custom page layouts to be featured throughout the project
  • Eye-catching front cover design
  • Made to suit your brand + audience
  • Cover images and mockups for promoting on your website/social media
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Typesetting & Images


+VAT (Per Page)
  • Formatting final copy
  • Adding images, graphics, tables as required
  • Minor text edits included as standard
  • Good for web or print
  • Delivered in PDF format – other formats available
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Additional Services

Stock Images: £67 +VAT

If you don’t have images for your project already, I can source up to 15 high-quality stock images to suit your project.

This price covers searching for and collating free stock images (with no attribution required) on your behalf. If no suitable free stock images can be found, paid-for stock images can be sourced, subject to additional fees.

Copy Editing: ~£20/1000 words

I work with several well-trusted professional copyeditors and proofreaders who will give your book a thorough check through and ensure it reads for sense, and is free of embarrassing grammatical errors and typos!

The price quoted above is based on a rough average this can go up depending on… well… the state your book is already in (sorry to say!)

Copywriting: POA

Want to leave the writing to a professional?

I also work with excellent trusted copywriters who will be assigned to your project based on your requirements, so you can rest assured you’re in the best hands for the job.

Republishing: £49 per new book

(+ Typesetting at £5.50 per page)

You might want to add another book to your series using the original template files.

Rather than having to go to the cost and hassle of designing a completely new version, I can adapt the original template files and create a new edition with your revised or new copy, images and artwork.

This will also include a new front cover design that will sit with the existing book.

Ready to release your inner author?

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From there we can chat about what you want to achieve with your ebook content, and how I can help you turn your vision into a reality.

Next Step: Book a Call

Pick a time that is suitable for you, and we can have an initial chat about your project.

Once you’ve selected a slot, there are a few initial questions that will help me establish how best I can help you. The more information you can give me in advance, the better!

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