How design can make content better?

First off, to answer this question I need to make one thing clear: the design is not the thing. It’s the thing that makes the thing the thing. If you’re confused – let me put this into context. There’s a very good chance that at some point you’ve stumbled upon a website, some printed material, or some other piece of content … Read More

On brevity

I think people have a tendency to overcomplicate things. Whether it’s in life in general, or solving problems, I like to believe the simplest solution is usually the best. The same applies to the written word. I am often guilty myself of going on a full-no-holds-barred-stream-of-consciousness-that-goes-on-forever-and-encapsulates-every-tiny-thought-that’s-going-through-my-brain-oh-look-there’s-a-bird-outside rampage of words, and I think that’s because my brain seems to act faster … Read More